A Letter To My Daughter On Her 3rd Birthday

Happy Birthday, AB!!You are 3!!!! You have been so excited for this day, mainly because you know Papa and Dear are coming from Florida and they are getting you a bicycle, but also because you know there will be cake (my girl!).  I can't believe you are 3! You are fully potty trained, you know how to count to 20 and you even invented the number "eleventeen" #babygenius, lol. You know your whole name and find it very important to know everyone else's name, too. You love learning about letters and currently your favorite letter is "E". You are becoming more head strong and sometimes you get in trouble for not listening, but you always apologize for "being sassy", as you say. You love to give hugs and kisses and always remind me to say "Aww bebete you're so sweet" afterwards because you really love it when I say that to you. You still love string cheese but you would take strawberries and kiwi over cheese any day. We now know that you are allergic to cherries and you make sure to tell anyone who will listen that you can't eat them because you're "awergic". You still love to get your nails painted purple and you love to watch me play with makeup. You always ask me to put eyeshadow on your hand and I always pick the sparkly colors because you like those the most, I couldn't be happier about that (by the way, no matter which color I pick, they can never sparkle as much as you). You really love to twirl in dresses and you like even more to do it in front of a mirror so you can watch yourself. You really love to watch "Dancing With the Stars", you always ask me to dance with you and I feel so lucky to have the best dance partner ever. You love the park, the swings are your favorite but the slides are a close second. When we were at the park on Easter, there were so many kids cutting in front of you getting in line to the slide. You could've pushed them or said something but instead you just sat down on a step next to the slide. When Daddy said "Ava get in line for the slide." you said, "I have to be patient Daddy.". I so admired your patience in that moment. You knew that you would have a turn eventually and for a minute, I wished you would have been aggressive like the other kids because you deserved a chance just like they did. But I quickly realized this is your nature, this is just who you are, A patient, sweet and kind girl who even at the age of 3 understands that things don't have to come quickly in order to bring you joy and that being patient can sometimes bring even more joy and gratitude. I really hope the world never changes that part of you. 

AB's favorite Elsa Doll

A couple of weeks ago, you noticed you favorite Elsa doll didn't have a nose and you began to cry. I asked you why you were crying and your answer brought tears to my eyes, you asked, "How will she smell the flowers?" Once again, I admired you, this time for your compassion. You see the beauty in this world and it matters to you that others experience it too. I explained to you that Elsa may have a hard time smelling the flowers because she doesn't have a nose but that maybe you could explain how things smell to her, so that she understands. You quickly grabbed a cupcake from your tea party set (you throw the best tea parties, by the way) and put the cupcake to her nose. You told her "this is a cupcake" and then you yelled " it smells really goooooooood! " I sometimes watch you doing things like that and wonder what you will grow up to be and what kind of woman you will become. From what I have seen from your budding personality, you will be fun and brave. Sweet and patient. Kind hearted and strong willed. You will be a wonderful friend, one who will lift others up and help them appreciate the beauty in the world. You will love to make people laugh or as you like to say "I want to make you feel funny, mommy." You might still be a picky eater but you also might never say no to chocolate. You will be fierce. You will be a woman who is as gentle as a summer breeze but as mighty as a hurricane. You will surely be very independent, you already are. 

3 years has passed since our eyes met for the first time, since I stared at you and you stared back at me and we both had no idea what to do next. The world was new for you and though I had been alive for 29 years, the world was suddenly new for me too. There was so much that you couldn't do without me. I had to do everything for you and while I was tired most of the time, I enjoyed doing it all because it was for you. And now, I look at you and you have become such a big girl. The things I used to have to help you do, you now ask to do on your own. So while I find myself thinking about what the future holds for you, I also find myself wishing that you could somehow, slow down.

There will come a day when I will not be the first person you want to do things with and because I know that day will happen, I just wish time could go a little slower. But for now, I hope you know how much I cherish you. How honored I am when you ask me to color with you and put puzzles together. How blessed I feel that I get to spend all day, every day with you. How special it is that all I need to say is "I need a hug" and you drop what are doing and run to give me a squeeze hug. And how wonderful it is to have such an amazing little cuddle bunny. Last night, on your last night as a 2-year-old, you asked me if I could cuddle with you and you fell asleep in my arms. I watched you for a really long time and there was a song that played in my head, it's a song from the movie Trolls that you and I sing together all the time, "True Colors".

 I can't wait to see where this next year of life takes you and hope your true colors get brighter each day, after all, "Your true colors are beautiful, like a rainbow." Let them shine always and share them with those around you. I know one thing is for sure, your true colors ALWAYS brighten my day and I am forever grateful to watch you grow. 

With eternal love,