A letter to my daughter on her 5th birthday

My sweet girl, today you are 5!

You have been been so excited for this day and I can’t believe how quickly it has come! Let me start out as I usually do and list all of the things you are currently loving. Although I have to be honest, this list doesn’t change much as you, my dear, are a creature of habit. You love bagels with cream cheese, corn and peas, cauliflower and broccoli, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. Bananas are cool, too. You love chicken meatballs, avocados, cucumbers and tomatoes. You love oranges and kiwi and you are so happy when I cut up a lemon for you to eat! On the not so healthy side, you still love cookies, and chocolate. You still don’t like ice-cream or donuts, but you do love cake pops, waffles and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. You love being creative. You love using glue and scissors and you really love glitter, still, which makes me so happy because I still really love glitter, too! After being inspired by the movie Wonder Park, you now make pictures of rides you would have in your own theme park if you ever made one (my favorite is the cupcake ride). You love going to the movies and to the Disney store. You love Starbucks dates and Target runs. Your imagination never ceases to amaze me. You really enjoy playing restaurant and making tea parties. You also have the best hair salon around and you build awesome farms with your blocks and figurines. You play dress up and love to use a magnifying glass and binoculars to be an explorer. You love play-doh and kinetic sand and you also love your two pets, Havana (our dog) and lollipop sandwich (our fish) Daddy let you name him. You actually like cleaning and this year Dear and Poppa got you a cleaning set, you love using it every chance you get. You love working out with me and I am always impressed with how easily you can keep up.


You have always loved dancing and in September of 2018 you started an actual dance class, ballet and tap to be exact. When you were really little before you could walk or talk, I always imagined what kind of little girl you would be in regards to the things you study and take interest in. I told Dear and Daddy that with your spunky little attitude I thought you would be one of two types of people. You would either be a complete perfectionist, doing everything just so or you would be a free spirit, the one in the room doing something so completely different from anyone else and not caring at all. The funny thing is, now that you are in dance class, I have my answer as to whom you are at this stage in your life. You are not one or the other, you are both and you are everything. You follow the rules enough, but you also have your own flair, a true sparkle in you spirit that makes your face glow and the room gleam. You love dancing and once told me that music makes your heart feel like it is singing and that makes you want to dance. Most days you are in your room with music on from your favorite movies, dancing and singing away. We have taken you to a few shows on broadway and each time you have made it very clear that you want to be on stage. I have no doubt that if being on stage is your destiny, you will land there. With that said, if your passion changes as it very well might, whatever you set your sights on, I know you will accomplish the goal because even though you are young, you are focused and passionate. Since you have started dancing, you have become more brave and confident and as you grow I look forward to seeing what role dancing will play in your life.


On our way to dance class

I want you to know that as you grow, I will continue to support you. I will give you enough space to imagine and have free thought, but at any moment when you reach for me I will be there. If you need to squeal from excitement let it out babe. When you need to have a good cry, put your head on my shoulder and let that out too. If you are angry, let me know who hurt you and I will punch them in the throat. Oh dang, forget that last part * insert nervous laughter* have I mentioned I am slightly overprotective?? Please know, throughout our lives you will do things that will make me mad at you and I will do things that will make you mad at me and that is ok, because when all is said and done, when you need me I will be here, not to judge you not to embarrass you but to love you and help you through anything. I am yours and you are mine and we will build this relationship of “Best Girls” for our whole lives. Speaking of best girls, you will come across many girls and people in your life. Some will be friends, some will be acquaintances and most will be strangers. Please be kind to them and to yourself. In moments where the skies are grey and there is no sunshine, become the sunshine. Work hard to be a light in people’s lives. Understand that celebrating someone and their accomplishments in no way diminishes who you are and what you have achieved. Your laugh is infectious and your smile is bright. Share it with the world as often as you can, when you yourself need some extra sunshine, the world will give it back to you. I hope you always know you have a voice and more importantly I hope you will demand to be heard. But you should also know that it is not always about how much noise you make. Sometimes, the biggest statement can be made in silence. Be brave enough to know that you deserve the world, but are not entitled to it without hard work and respect for yourself and others. I have no idea if I am teaching you any of these things, time will only tell. But when I look at you and I ask you what makes you beautiful your answer has been consistent this year, you say “My Heart”. If there is ever a time I wonder if I am getting anything right in my journey of motherhood, that answer tells me I am on the right path.


Best Girls <3

As you grow, life will surely get more complicated so for the meantime, I want to celebrate the spectacular little girl that you are. Keep dancing when it feels right and keep laughing often. Keep being silly and kind. Keep on knowing that you have to eat your vegetables, but keep on loving chocolate (yaaas hunny!). Please keep reaching for my hand and asking for “Mommy and Ava time”. Please keep yelling my name from the other room to randomly tell me you love me. I promise I will keep calling you randomly to tell you I love you, too. I promise to sing along with you while you sing Christmas songs in the middle of April and I promise to continue dancing with you at home, but also in the middle of a random store. I promise to never take for granted how lucky I am to watch those beautiful curls bounce up and down all day or hear that beautiful laugh that can make any bad day feel good and I promise to keep doing my best to be everything you deserve.

It is a privilege to watch you grow and an honor to hear you call me mommy.

Keep shining bright my little lovie, you were born to sparkle. Happy Birthday <3

Love always,

Mommy, your best girl

P.S., You Love this song from Wonder Park <3