A Letter to Fellow Moms

Mom. 3 small letters can change our whole world. It is a title that should be held with great esteem. What we do, is nothing short of miraculous. We take these little tiny people, and we watch them grow.  We worry about decisions we make and how it will affect them. Do we spank or put them in time out? Is organic that important? What are GMO's? Should I breastfeed? To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? We ask ourselves question after question,day after day. This tremendous amount of effort is put in, knowing that each decision will mold our little people into big people. Knowing also, that one day we have to set them free. 

All moms have different scenarios in which they have started their journey. Some moms gave birth without any meds, some needed the epidural. Some had vaginal births and others had c-sections. Some had their child through a surrogate or adoption. Some are stepmoms and some are even dads who play the role of mom as well. Some women choose not to be moms at all but make one heck of an Aunt, big cousin or big sister :) Then there are some that make an effort every day and have done all that they can in the hopes that one day they can finally utter the words "I'm Pregnant"  Sadly, there are also some moms that have had their sweet babies turn into angels far too soon. They may not have the opportunity to see their child get married or go to prom. They might not even be able to see their child take their first step, or even their first breath. To these moms, my heart goes out to you. 

Being a mom doesn't come with a manual.  Many times, we can feel like there is this magical booklet of how to's and why not's and if you don't follow it, you're slacking off or you're not giving your child the best. Sometimes, we even judge one another based on what WE think is the right mommy move. We may not all have the same values or the same ideas of what is right and wrong for our children, but regardless, everything we do for our child is coming from a place of love. We have dedicated our lives to these beautiful souls and whether they are a few days old or we are walking them down the aisle, everything we do for them is because we wish them the best.  We all have the best intentions, we are far from perfect. We all make mistakes - a lot of them.  We beat ourselves up about them wondering what we could have done differently, second guessing how strong we really are.


We all have sleepless nights where we laugh at how much we used to take sleep for granted. We all have food in our hair from time to time and whether the applesauce strung in our hair strands is organic or not, we still know what it is like to just want a quick shower. We spend hours and hours of our days preparing meals, kissing boo boos and cheering for the accomplishments they have made. We have random singing and dancing parties in the middle of the living room. We can predict when something being done will cause injury and we stop that action- QUICK! We hear them call our name 30 times in a row, just for the heck of it! It can totally make our head spin, but when we don't hear them calling, we miss their voice so much. We long for a quick moment to hear ourselves think, but when we do, all we can think about is them. Some moms even move from Florida to New York when their adult kids say they are moving, just so they can see their grandchildren grow (If I haven't said it before, I appreciate your sacrifice mom). Some moms stay home with their kids while others go to work. We hardly ever ask for help or acknowledgement of our efforts. We rarely pat ourselves on the back to tell ourselves we have done a good job and we certainly do not give ourselves all the credit that we deserve.


No matter where you are in your motherhood journey, we are all down to the core, people who love our kids. We are all at different stages, some of us are just beginning our journey as parents and others have experienced seeing their child have a baby of their very own. Some have just seen their child graduate from college and others of us are celebrating no accidents for one day while potty training. Either way, each stage comes with it's own uncertainties. But at the end of the day, We are MOMS. We would do anything for our kids, and I wish each an every one of us could always feel supported and always know that we are not alone in this adventure that is motherhood.

Motherhood is not meant to be glamorous, it is hard work. It is happy moments and sad moments. Scary moments and angry moments. Sweet moments and "what did you do?" moments. It is tiring and it is stressful and at times our efforts can go unnoticed, but in that same breath, I am sure I don't just speak for myself when I say, it is the most amazing and rewarding job of my life. 

So to you, the lovely individual reading this letter, whether you are a mom now or plan to be one in the future, I want to let you know that what you do day in and day out is appreciated. You (and the possible food stain on your shirt) are beautiful and you are DOING A GREAT JOB. No matter what decisions you have made for your child, what paths you have chosen to explore, we are all on the same journey in which the ultimate destination is for our children to live a life in which they are happy. So please, remember this - you are amazing. You are more beautiful than you give yourself credit for and stronger than you could imagine. You are part of an amazing group of women. You are a mom and YOU are appreciated.

Wishing a Happy Mother's Day to all Moms! 

Love, Peace and Sippy Cups,