An open letter to my daughter on her second birthday



Happy Birthday Sweetheart!  I still can't believe two years has passed already and my oh my, how you've changed. You are so big now, you talk so much and run around all the time. You are in love with the movie Frozen and lets just say if Daddy and I had a dollar for each time you have run from one end of the living room to the other yelling "Gooooooooooooooooo" (Let It Go) we would both be retired. You know all of your colors, body parts, how to count to 5 and all of your shapes. You are super smart and I love how eager you are to always learn something new.  Your curly hair is finally long enough to fit into pigtails and my goodness, they are the cutest pigtails I have ever seen. I love how you look just like your daddy and I love how you're shy like me (you love chocolate like me too, yikes). 

Sparkle Lovers

You love to see airplanes in the sky and watch birds fly past the window, you always scream when you see them :) You like to tell us when our dog Mario pees on the floor or when he's trying to take your favorite snack- string cheese.  You are always willing to lend a helping hand, like when we were at the store and a little girl, that you did not know, was trying to get herself unbuckled from the seat to escape from the shopping cart and you yelled "Help her!!" as loud as you could. Nobody really understood what you said, but Grandma and I did, we laughed so hard that day. You are such a girly girl. you love putting on your butterfly sunglasses and your necklaces, getting your nails painted "pehpo"  (aka purple) and prancing around. Your obsession with your owl dress is getting a little out of hand and I know it bothers you when you can't wear it all 7 days a week but, it does have to be cleaned once in a while. With that being said, when you wear that dress and twirl around in it, I swear I can hear angels sing.

AB's favorite Owl Dress

You are the sweetest little girl, you say please, thank you and even excuse me sometimes.  If I do something by accident and say sorry, you always pat me and say " KK mommy". On the flip side, you are also a bit feisty.  When I was pregnant with you and I would get ultrasounds, they would push on my stomach a little to make you move, you would hit back (we have it on tape.) The moment you first did that I told daddy you'd be a sassy one and you have lived up to that, for sure! If I tell you not to do something a hundred times, you do it a hundred and one (you do say "Sorry Mommy", after it. I told you you were polite). Sometimes when I have to repeat myself over and over I get frustrated with you and then I feel guilty. While I hate having to repeat myself so many times when you are doing something that you shouldn't, I hope you always know that deep inside, I would love if you stay that way. I hope you always remain a girl who knows what she wants in life. I hope you stop at nothing to reach your goals and dreams and I hope you know I will always support you on your journey toward whatever those dreams are. 

Sleeping Beauty

It's easy for me to second guess myself sometimes. I wonder if I am teaching you enough or letting you experience enough. I wonder If I tell you I love you enough or hug and kiss you enough. I wonder if I encourage you enough or if I sit on the floor and play with you enough. I wonder if I step back and just watch you enough, especially knowing that you will only be this size doing this thing for just a moment. I wonder with as healthy as I try to have you eat, If I let you eat enough chocolate.  You see, having you was the biggest blessing and so even my best feels like it pales in comparison to what you deserve.  Then there are those times when you stroke my face and under my chin, looking me directly in the eyes with a smile on your face and I have to hold back tears. In a way, I feel like this is your way of telling me that I am doing a good job. 

I was painting her nails  <3

AB's First Birthday

As your mom, I hope you always know that I am doing my best to give you a beautiful life because you deserve it. Every decision made is with you in mind. I hope you always know that I am here for you. You are beautiful, AB and I don't just mean beauty like how your eyes are such a beautiful blueish green like the ocean and your golden curls look like sun rays. I hope you know that beauty is so much more than that, beauty is not just about looks, it's about being compassionate and intelligent. It's about having perseverance and never giving up. It's about not taking yourself too seriously and being able to laugh at yourself knowing that  you are perfectly imperfect. It's about being true to who you are and treating everyone as an equal. It's knowing that you are never greater or less than anyone, just made differently. With that being said, I wish for your beauty to continue to grow as you do. I wish you a beautiful life. I pray that from the moment you wake each morning to the moment you lay your head down each night that you focus on your blessings and not on what you wish you had.  I hope you know that every night before I lay you down for bed, I thank God for sending you to us. You presence in our life has changed us forever and taken our breath away, countless times. You are loved, incredibly. Happiest 2nd Birthday, my sweet AB, I love you!

Always and Forever,