Apple Farm, Blender Muffins and Healthy Smash Cake

Apple Picking, Apple Farm

OMG, it has been 3 months since I have posted something! We have redesigned the blog and on top of that, I have been so sick over the past few weeks, bronchitis is no joke! Now that I can actually breathe for a few minutes at a time without feeling like I am going to cough up an entire lung, I am excited to talk about the visit we had a while back to the apple farm in upstate New York and to let you know of the yummy blender muffins I made with the apples! It was the first time we went apple picking and we had a blast!    

The two-hour scenic drive was absolutely breathtaking, living in Brooklyn, we obviously don't have rolling mountains covered in brightly colored foliage so when AB, my husband, my mom and I saw it all, we were just in awe! 

The apple farm was quite picked over since we went later in the season but we were still able to find some great apples thanks to my brave husband who climbed high up in the trees to get the good ones that were left!

I knew that the apples we were picking were going to be for an apple pie as well as some apple muffins that I make for AB, she calls them cupcakes :)  I have used this recipe since AB was one and a half and I feel like she loves them more each time she eats them (she is a VERY picky eater these days so that's saying a ton! If I allowed it, AB would live off of these muffins, corn and string cheese..toddlers -_-) 

AB has always enjoyed helping me in the kitchen so I figured this was a great opportunity for us to make these muffins together. You can find the recipe here. Since they are blender muffins, for safety, I have AB add all of the ingredients to a separate bowl and then I transfer them to the blender when I am ready to use it. Then I transfer everything back to the original bowl to stir in the apple pieces that, as indicated in the recipe, should not be blended. I made the muffins in two different sizes just in case any of you don't have mini muffins tins at home and need to use a standard size cupcake tin instead. I baked the mini muffins for 10 minutes per the recipe and they come out perfect every time. For the standard size tin, I put about a quarter of a cup of mix in and they bake for about 16 minutes. When the timer goes off, AB always has a celebration since she knows that means they are done. Because we need to make sure they cool completely before removing them from the baking mold, I try to give AB a fun game to play to keep her distracted since I am sure many of you know, toddlers have one-half ounce of patience per day and it's usually used up within the first hour they are awake. Luckily, her cousin was here and she loves playing with him so it was easy to take her mind off of it. When it was time for her to have some, she said exactly what I expected "Mmmmmm this is delicious!" and then she asked for more. They are a hit, every time!

Healthy Blender muffins toddler

Since we are talking about this recipe, I wanted to also include a couple of variations that I have done in the past. The first being, that I have made it using strawberry applesauce, AB has enjoyed this flavor very much!

I also made it into a smash cake for AB's 2nd birthday back in April and it turned out amazing!

There were only a few changes that I made to the recipe itself. Since I was making a three-layer stacked cake, I doubled the recipe. After doubling the recipe, instead of dicing the apples, I grated them and then placed them on a couple sheets of paper towels and wrung them out to get a lot of the juice out. I also added a couple tablespoons of almond flour to help thicken it up. I used a small round cake pan and baked it until a toothpick placed in the center came out clean, for me that took 25 minutes. It cooled completely and I then added a frosting of cream cheese with a little bit of powdered sugar (I only added a little bit because AB doesn't like things too sweet so obviously, this one you can tailor to suit your/your child's taste). I pipe rosettes around the cake and used something called disco, which is simply edible glitter (see, dreams do come true! lol) to give the cake some added sparkle and some light blue sprinkles to match her "Frozen" theme. Two of AB's great grandmas were at the party and both decided to have a piece of AB's cake and they loved it, too! 

Healthy Smash Cake

Typically, I use apples from the regular old grocery store to make these treats but being able to pick the apples freshly from the tree and then come right home and bake with AB gave me all the feels and really put me in a fall type of mood!

Do you have a favorite toddler muffin recipe? If so, please leave it below! I would love to try to new muffins for AB!

Thanks for taking the time to visit the blog today!
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