ColourPop Haul Review/Swatches

ColourPop Products

Alright people, this is a Public Service Announcement! If you have not heard of or tried ColourPop Cosmetics, you need to do so ASAP!

This brand has completely knocked my socks off! Their products are of supreme quality and they are so incredibly inexpensive!

There is one small downside and that is, you can only order this brand online. I am a bit impatient, I am one of those makeup lovers who can't even wait to get home to open a new product, so I sit in the parking lot opening products and swatching before I pull out of the parking space. Needless to say, waiting for the products to get to me can sometimes be a little torturous,  but knowing that I have these little gems making their happy journey to my loving home builds up so much excitement!

I would like to start out with my favorite product from this purchase, that is the eyeliner in the shade "DTLA". The pigmentation is just unreal! In one swipe I get full color payoff.  The consistency is so creamy that it glides on without even tugging at all, but on the flip side, even though it is so creamy, it has incredible staying power! I applied this to my water line in a look that I created with some products from this haul and I had not one issue with running or smudging throughout my day.  Plus, I love this navy color!

ColourPop DTLA Gel liner

So, when I placed this order, I was super duper excited about the highlighter in the shade "Churro".  Back in July, this tie-dye highlighter sold out in ONE MINUTE!!  When I found out it was in stock, I knew I had to have it!  As you can see from the pic, it is called a tie-dye highlighter because it has different similar shades marbeled into one pan. This shade is beautiful and when mixed together, it has a beautiful champagne glow. If you are ever in the search for this highlighter and it is not available on ColourPop's website, rumor has it that if you purchase the shades "Wisp", "Avalon" and "Stole the Show", you would get the same color as those are the shades that are marbeled in (at $8 each you would spend $24 which is a little pricey but, I think, worth it). 

Churro single.jpg
ColourPop Churro

I also purchased a shade from the first Karrueche x ColourPop collection, a beautiful burgundy color named "Beverly". Now this shade's description states it's a matte shade, but while the base it matte, there are subtle shimmers throughout. While photographing the makeup look I did, there is a visible shimmer. This deep, sultry shade is just so pretty!

ColourPop Beverly

The next shadow I purchased is a shade called "Game Face". I had been on the hunt for a very warm coppery shade and when I saw this one, I added it to my cart instantly! There is such a pretty metallic sheen to this eyeshadow. I tried to really capture the amount of metallic finish on it by using different lighting and camera settings, but for some reason everything I tried didn't do it justice! This shade is stunning and will definitely be a staple shadow for the fall!

ColourPop Game Face

I feel like before I tell you about the other products I purchased, I should inform you about the formula of the eyeshadows and highlighters first as they are worth mentioning. Their formula is almost like a cream to powder form. They are very buttery, super smooth and so soft they actually feel squishy! I don't get fallout because of how creamy they are and because of this the texture, they blend like a dream. I have never felt a product quite like this. The only product I can compare the texture to would be Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in that they are very pillowy, they are a bit more dry than that, but at least that can give you an idea of how squishy they are. I am just in love!

I got two lip products for this purchase. The first is one of ColourPop's Ultra Matte Lip colors in the shade "Trap".  Since the matte liquid lipstick trend is still going strong, I knew I wanted to try one from ColourPop since other brands can cost upwards of $20 and I figure why not save money if I can?  I am in love with this cool toned, greige matte lip!  They can be a bit drying, so I  make sure to apply some lip balm when applying my skin care products prior to doing my makeup. While I am doing my makeup I just let the lip balm set in, when I am ready to apply my lip color at the very end of my routine I wipe off any excess and then apply my lip color. Once it sets it is super long wearing! Love the formula!

Trap single.jpg

The last product I'm going to talk about was the most disappointing for me. With metallic lips being such a huge trend right now, I knew I wanted to get one of their Ultra Metallic Lip colors.  I decided to get the color "Flitter".  From the looks on the website, it is a rosy color with a gold metallic sheen, so since I am in love with all things rose gold, this was right up my alley.  I am not sure why, but when applied to my lips, the pink didn't come through at all and all I had was gold metallic lips. Now for some people, this might be what they are going for, but straight up yellow golds do not look good on me, at all!  This lip color washed me out and was not flattering in the least bit.  Now, the good news is, my can do attitude would not allow me to accept defeat,  so I tried something else that made the lip color look really great! I simply layer it on top of other colors and it transforms any lip color into the perfect metallic lip! I simply apply my base color of choice (I have used lipsticks, the ultra matte lip, lip liners and glosses and they all work), once dry, I apply the  color in the center of my top and bottom lip. Blend it out so there are no harsh edges and boom - metallic lip!  So, while this color was a bit disappointing at first, I decided to make lemonade out of this lemon and am so happy with the outcome!


I have done a makeup look with some products I got from this haul. It is a quick and easy fall look, pictured below. If you would like to see it, click here

Fall Eye ColourPop

The products mentioned and more can be found at and you can get $5 off of your first order if you sign up for emails! If you happen to have any products that you are currently loving, feel free to leave it in the comments! I am always in the mood for new products to try!

Thanks for taking the time to visit the blog today and until next time-
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