Mascara Review: Revlon Ultimate All-In-One Mascara

Added volume, length and definition, as claims state
Tubing mascara (if you don't know what this is, no worries, I'll explain!)
Does not flake once dried
Tiny brush makes it easy to apply to bottom lashes

Easily clumps
Not enough product wiped off when taken from the tube


Interested to see my in depth thoughts? Just keep on reading, gorgeous!

I have to say, my very first impression when I took the brush out of the tube was, "Wow, I totally just wasted my money." The formulation was wet and goopy and when taking the wand out, there was a ton of product left on the brush.  Of course, for the sake of my curiosity (and this review!) I had to try it out anyway. On first application, it clumped horribly, it literally looked like I had 4 eyelashes, TOTAL.  I decided to wipe the extra mascara on a tissue and began to work the product through my lashes. Slowly, but surely, I was beginning to become impressed.  My lashes were becoming longer and more volumized with each swipe. Now, after using this product a few times already, I feel a beautiful romance blossoming!

The brush to this mascara is very tiny and normally I am not a fan of a tiny brush, but for this mascara, it totally works!  I get to the inner corner eyelashes easily and have found that it works great on the lower lashes as well! In the pic of the brush below, you can see what looks like hair, that's just the tubing in the mascara about to work their magic on your lashes!

Since this is a tubing mascara, you will no doubt experience a great deal of length. If you are unfamiliar with tubing mascara, let me explain. Tubing mascaras are made with special polymers in the formulation that adhere to your lashes and once dried add elongation and structure. Since the polymers are flexible, you don't have to worry about any smudging or flaking of the mascara once dry. Tubing mascara is very durable and long wearing. On the flip side, taking this type of mascara off is super easy since it is water soluble. I take mine off by applying warm water to a cotton pad, I place it on my eye and let it soak for about 30 seconds. Then I place my lashes in between my index finger and thumb and gently wiggle. Now when you do this, do not be alarmed! It may look like you have just wiped all of your lashes off, but never fear, that is just the tubes from the mascara.

Without Mascara

First Coat of Mascara 

Second Coat

Third and final Coat (anything past 3 coats turns into Clumptown, USA! I also added a coat to the bottom lashes.

A bit of a side view of the last coat

Looking up- another view of the lashes

So, the question is, would I repurchase?  While I do feel like I am being a tad wasteful by wiping off some of the  product to be used to avoid clumps, this mascara was $8.99 at my local drugstore and with my $3.00 manufacturer coupon, I only paid $5.99.  Since it is inexpensive, I feel like I can justify wiping off some of the mascara.  Furthermore, I have a theory that mascara gets better each time you use it, (mainly because it dries out a little more each time and I am a fan of a drier formulation) and since I love it already, I can only imagine that I will love it more and more! I definitely plan on repurchasing this mascara and highly recommend everyone to try it!  If you have tried this mascara, what were your thoughts?  

I'm sure this goes without saying, but I feel as though maybe I should mention that this is not sponsored in any way, shape or form.  I literally just started this blog- Revlon has absolutely no idea who I am, lol. Just want to share a great deal with my sparkle sisters!

Thanks for taking the time to read this review today and until next time-
Love, peace and Smoky Eyes,
~ L